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Digital Transformation
It’s not just about getting a client to the cloud or working at the edge. It’s all about where you can go from there to profoundly change what you do,’ says Joyce Mullen, president and CEO of Insight.
Enable Search result features for your site
A few of these result types are generated automatically by Google Search, but most of them can be coded for by your site, as we will explain. But first, let's talk about the general categories of Search results.
Google tests bulleted lists in ads
Screenshots of the test show up to three bullet points beneath the headline. Google is testing ad descriptions with bullets, Ginny Marvin, the company’s ads product liaison, confirmed via Twitter on Wednesday.
What is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing digital assets, such as blog posts, videos, ebooks, technical and solution briefs, and a variety of other digital content to provide information to your audience.
Welcoming the new Search Console URL Inspection API
The Search Console APIs are a way to access data outside of Search Console, through external applications and products. Developers and SEO tools already use the APIs to build custom solutions to view, add, or remove properties and sitemaps, and to run advanced queries on Search performance data.
7 Reasons More Website Traffic May Not Be Better For Business
Driving traffic to a site is a fundamental SEO goal, but getting more website traffic may not always be good for the business. Here are some reasons why.
Google Changes More Than 61 Percent Of Title Tags
Page titles have a large impact on click-through rates because they provide important context to search engines, but a recent study shows Google rewrites page titles more than 60 percent of the time.
Google Says No Correlation Between Impressions And Search Volume
There's no correlation between the amount of impressions your site gets for a particular keyword and the search volume for that keyword. Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller says the impressions your site receives for a keyword is not an indication of the search volume for that keyword.
Google outlines new plan for online ad tracking
Google will let advertisers target people on the web based on a broad set of interests, retreating from an earlier plan that was lambasted over privacy and anticompetitive concerns.
New robots tag: indexifembedded
Today, we're introducing a new robots tag, indexifembedded, that brings you more control over when your content is indexed. With the indexifembedded tag, you can tell Google you'd still like your content indexed when it's embedded through iframes.
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