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Bing places for business

How To Promote Business On Bing

With more than 900 million daily searches, Bing has gained a tremendous popularity in the search industry. The fact is that it has become the second-largest search engine after Google.

If you are using paid advertising campaigns then ignoring Bing can be a mistake.

Benefits Of Using Bing Ads For Business Infographics

Bing is a good marketing platform for your next marketing strategy and here are some of the reasons.

Higher Growth Potential 

– One of the best things about Bing’s search engine is that the competitors are less but the traffic is more. That means it’s a good platform for investment in the long run. With a market share of more than 6.7%, Bing is the second largest search engine after Google. If the business is new then it’s easy to build a customer base through Bing.

Low Competition 

– The majority of people use Google resulting in a fewer number of competitors on Bing. This is one of the strong reasons to use Bing Ads to promote the business online as your competitors might not be there. It is easier to attract more traffic on Bing and target the potential customers more easily.

Easy To Rank 

– The chances of ranking on Bing is high as there is a fewer number of competitors. Due to the lower level of competition, it’s easy to rank on Bing SERPs. This also helps to increase the conversion rate of the business.

Better Device Targeting 

– Bing Ads allow the marketing campaign in multiple time zones. Advertisers can also set up the bids for mobile, desktops, and tablets and opt-out of desktops and tablets and mobile searches. There is no need to create a new campaign every time if you want to make any change to the existing campaign.

Track Results 

– With the tools that Bing offers the tools to track & measure the campaign results. This helps to know the advertisers to know which marketing campaign is good for them and giving better ROI.


– The cost-per-click (CPC) on Bing is 34% cheaper than Google. Bing is a viable option for those businesses having a low budget or those who are new in the market. So it would be a smart idea to use Microsoft Ads for the publicity of the business.

How Do I Run Ads On Bing To Promote My Business?

If you are ready to get started with Bing my business or Google My Business contact us and we will gladly help you with the process.

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